Disunity is a whitelisted only and professionally hosted PVE & PVP Atlas game server. We offer a friendly and mature (16+) international community on a custom 7x7 map including all biomes, quests, events and custom mods.

We have increased rates with 3x harvesting, ~5x breeding and 1.5x XP. Our servers are hosted on the US East Cost but we welcome players from around the world.

Our map

Our map features everything you need to fully enjoy the game. Along with all biomes, our world features high level creatures and is divided into different types of zones:

  • Freeport ~ Our central hub.
  • Regular ~ Regular areas you can claim and live in.
  • Golden Age Ruins ~ Areas for the Voyage of Power and Journey of the Gods quests.
  • Emerald Sea ~ Hard PVE zones with increased rates.
  • Red Sea ~ PVP zones with even higher rates.

We have a lot of things planned for the future. Stay tuned!

Our custom mods

We develop our own mods for the community along with other mods we run.
Some of our main custom features are:

  • Custom progression for characters and dinos up to level 1000.
  • Stacking mod and reduced weight for resources.
  • Unlimited pick up of structures.
  • All non-mythical land creatures can be tamed.
  • Custom creature settings for Alphas.
  • Reduced Alphas level and damage.
  • Custom taming and breeding settings.
  • Custom ship classes for freight transport and war.

You can view the full list of mods we use on the Steam Workshop.


The rules governing Disunity are straightforward. Just make sure you follow them and have fun.

    1. Players must be at least 16 years old to play on Disunity.
    2. Not respecting rules will result in a sanction which can go from a warning to a permanent ban.
    3. Accounts should be used by one player only. Account sharing will not be tolerated.
    4. Using external cheats, mods, and abusing game exploits to gain an advantage over other players is strictly forbidden.
    5. No multi-accounts or ban evasion.
    6. Names must be realistic. No “53452323”.
    7. In-game and Discord names must be similar. We need to be able to tell who is who.
    1. No form of griefing will be tolerated.
    2. No offensive names.
    1. Be reasonable and do not take more land than you need.
      1. We will not tolerate abuses and won't hesitate to take back lands from offenders.
      2. As per default PVE rules, players are allowed to build on your claimed land.


Running an Atlas server is costly. The server is paid by the owners and the community. We are 100% transparent; all donations and spendings are public for the community to see.

Of course there is! Our two PVP zones are a great place to settle down conflicts. It also offers higher resources yield and better experience rates along with very high level creatures.

It shouldn't take too long before you hear back from us. Join the Discord and say hi!

A lot! Atlas is only at its beginnings and we have big plans for the future of Disunity. Our staff will be constantly working on improving the server and bringing new exciting ideas to make every day on the sea different.

A few things we are working on:

  • Events
  • Quests and storylines
  • Traders
  • And a lot more surprises!

Ready to join?

Make sure you have read all the rules and understand what you are getting into. We only accept mature players who show real interest. You will need to provide your Steam profile URL along with your request.

Once done, our staff will look at your application and let you know through Discord as soon as possible.

Apply now